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Sand Bag Carrier

Posted on 1-11-2021 by Nicky
Bulk bags, or sand bags, are used for collecting, transporting, and storing, for example, construction waste, sand, and bricks. With a limited lifting height, you naturally want to be able to move these heavy loads safely and without physical effort, our sand bag carrier comes in handy! In this blog, we would like to explain what to watch out for with sand bag carriers.

What is a Sand Bag Carrier?
Sand and bulk bags are often used in construction to transport or move large quantities of materials and rubble. The model of the sand bag carrier has been specially developed for lifting these heavy loads. Due to the shape, a sand bag fits exactly underneath. The fixed MYX latch hooks at the four ends form attachment points where the loops of a sand bag can easily be hooked onto.

This is how you use the sand bag carries
The sand bag carrier is designed to lift one bulk bag at a time. You should always take the nominal lifting capacity into account; the maximum working load must not be exceeded. When lifting, always make a vertical movement first, then position horizontally, never diagonally. Start carefully to avoid shocks. When using any other lifting components, these must be adjusted to the maximum lifting capacity of the sand bag carrier. The lifting component with the lowest safe workload is always the leading factor in this.

In addition to the standard model in our range, we also have a raised hooks version. Because the hooks are positioned higher, it is very suitable for a limited lifting height. Looking for a Bulk Bag carrier that is also designed to protect against corrosion? We have a stainless-steel sand bag carrier in our range. The stainless-steel version is very suitable for conditions with higher requirements for corrosion protection. It is ideal for use in food processing, chemical industry, agriculture, and wastewater treatment.

The sand bag carrier is provided with a certificate, so you save costs on inspections. In the event of an accident, you are insured with a valid certificate. To guarantee safety for the user(s), we recommend that you always use lifting equipment with a valid certification. Inspections with a certificate are usually cheaper than inspections for products without a certificate.

Are you curious about which sand bag carrier is suitable for your lifting situation? Please feel free to contact our customer service!

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