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Tips & Tricks Jacks

Posted on 3-11-2020 by Nicky

With a Jack, you can easily lift heavy objects. Jacks are used for many applications. By means of a normal crank or a ratchet crank, you can lift up to 20,000 kg with low force. The advantage of a ratchet crank over a normal crank is that, in tight spaces, for example, you can jack up the load by moving the crank back and forth. Jack forces can be used both horizontally and vertically (so also to push heavy loads). We are also a supplier of short mechanical jacks.

Liftinggear-shop supplies jacks from stock with working loads limits of 1500 kg, 3000 kg, 5000 kg, or 10,000 kg. Available with a certificate. Lifting jacks are produced according to the norm: DIN 7355. The big advantage of mechanical jacks is that they can be loaded on both the toe and the head. This makes the scope much wider. A real all-rounder.

Please note that the load on the head and toe is not the same for every jack. Always consult the manual and / or the accompanying certificate before use. Liftinggear-shop jacks are equipped with a load lock for extra safety. For ease of lifting and transport, our jacks are equipped with an extra-wide foot with lowered toe for stabilization and extra lift height and a folding safety handle. Manufactured from high-quality steel. All milled parts of the jack are hardened for long lifespan and perfect function. Liftinggear-shop is also a supplier of jacks from the German top brand Böcker.

When using a mechanical jack, pay attention to the following points:

  • Before each use, inspect the jack for function and safety. In case of doubt or disapproval, immediately remove the jack
  • Have a jack inspected at least once a year and tested by an expert once every 4 years
  • A jack must be in balance during use, never put a jack on sloping or uneven surfaces. The substrate must be solid
  • Never exceed the stated workload of a jack. Consult the certificate for more information and the latest inspection date
  • The lifting of a person with a jack is prohibited
  • The capacity at the toe of the jack is not the full working load
  • A jack may only be used by qualified personnel
  • Check if the load is fully supported
  • Fully turn in the jack when not in use
  • Repairs may only be carried out by an expert

If you have any questions, please contact one of our technical advisers. View our mechanical jacks here.

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