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Tips and Tricks Ratchet straps

Posted on 31-8-2020 by Nicky

Ratchet straps can be used for many applications. For example, for securing loads on trucks and vans or for tying a load on a trailer. An alternative to lashing straps are lashing chains and load binders.


Unlike lifting slings and round slings, the colors of ratchet straps do not relate to the strength. Liftinggear-shop ratchet straps are available in the colors: blue, yellow, red, green, orange, black, and fluorescent green. The last two colors have black ratchets and black hooks.





Ratchet straps are usually 2-part (ratchet part and strap part) and available in different lashing capacities. We express this capacity in daN (Dekanewton). The strength is stated on the label. The straps that Liftinggear shop has to have the following strengths:

Width 25 mm  :  750/1500 daN

Width 50 mm  :  2500/5000 daN

Width 75 mm  :  5000/10000 daN

We list 2 values that correspond to the way of use. Both configurations are listed on the label. We also supply lighter 1-piece cam buckle straps of 25 mm with a strength of 250 daN


On the label, you will find all the necessary information for safe and responsible use. The user should take note of the information on the label in advance. Ratchet straps without a label may not be used. To extend the lifespan, we stitch the label all around on the band. All lashing straps are manufactured according to the (European) NEN-EN 12195-2 standard.


The design of the ratchet is important for safe and comfortable use. Our 25 and 50 mm straps have a vulcanized grip that is much firmer, more durable, and safer. You can also choose for an ergo (nomic) ratchet that works the other way around (only available on 50 mm straps). With this, you tension the strap by a pulling movement instead of a pushing movement, so that you have to apply less force.


Every situation requires a different configuration. For use on a rail in trailers, for example, we supply ratchet straps with E-track fittings.We have ratchet straps especially for car transporters for securing cars. Our "standard" version is equipped with closed hooks (pointed hooks)



Safety and inspection

A lashing strap should be inspected before each use. If the label is no longer legible or no longer present, the strap may not be used. Make sure that the strength of the strap always corresponds to the circumstances and the forces exerted on the strap/ratchet.

  • Do not use damaged straps;
  • Do not use ratchet straps which label is no longer legible or not present;
  • Never exceed the lashing capacity indicated on the label;
  • Always protect straps against sharp edges;
  • Straps are not lifting equipment, so never lift a load with a strap;
  • Never load the hooks on the point;
  • Protect ratchet straps from direct sunlight, UV radiation, chemicals, and open fire;

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